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Kia Overview

KIA has a long history in the Pakistani automobile market. This South Korean company first came to the country in mid 1990s (1994/1995) by collaborating with Naya Daur Motors. With its debut, the company launched Kia Pride (hatchback) and Kia Ceres (1-ton pickup). That partnership didn’t go well and the company had to stop its operations in Pakistan.

Soon after (in 1998), KIA returned to the Pakistani market by partnering with Dewan Farooque Motor Company Limited. At that time, its first local assembly plant was also set up. KIA Pride was re-launched but in sedan form known as KIA Classic. Due to the bankruptcy of Dewan Farooque Motor Company Limited, KIA had to stop its operations in Pakistan again.

The latest re-entry of KIA in Pakistan is done by partnering with the Lucky Cement of the Yunus Brothers Group. The company introduced the third generation Grand Carnival and a pickup truck Frontier K2700 in 2018. Just 1 year after (2019), it launched the first locally assembled Crossover SUV named KIA Sportage (4th gen) in Pakistan and 2nd generation KIA Picanto (hatchback). In 2021, KIA Lucky Motors brought another mid-size Crossover SUV KIA Sorento (3rd gen), and a subcompact crossover SUV KIA Stonic to Pakistan.

So, the company now offers 5 vehicles with the prices ranging from Rs.2,600,000 to Rs.11,500,000.

The 2nd generation KIA Picanto is a 5-seater hatchback that was launched in 2019 in Pakistan. Its 3rd generation is already introduced globally, but not in the Pakistani automobile market yet. The 2nd gen Picanto comes in 2 variants (manual and automatic). It has MPI inline 3 cylinder, 998cc engine that produces around 68 hp and 94 N.m torque.

Power windows, adjustable steering wheel, electric side mirrors, dual airbags, immobilizer, ABS, security alarm system, etc. are some of its notable features.

KIA Stonic is a subcompact crossover SUV introduced in 2021 in the local market. Stonic has 2 variants (EX and EX+). Its 1.4 L MPI 1,368cc engine coupled with 6 speed automatic transmission produces around 99 hp and 133 N.m torque.

Airbags, hill-start assist control, vehicle stability management, ABS, LED DRLs, etc. are some of their common features. Sunroof, LED headlamps, 16-inch alloy wheels, etc. are the features only available in Stonic EX+.

KIA Pakistan introduced 4th gen Sportage in the local market in 2019. The company has introduced its 5th generation globally but not in Pakistan yet. 4th gen Sportage has Nu 2.0L Gasoline MPI 1,999cc engine coupled with 6 speed automatic transmission + sportMatic, produces around 155 hp and 196 N.m torque. It comes in 3 variants (Alpha, Front Wheel Drive, and All Wheel Drive).

Airbags, DRLs, ABS, electronic side mirrors, digital instrument cluster, auto dual zone climate control, push start, etc. are some of their common features.

Here are all the globally launched Sportage generations:

1st generation (1993 – 2005) The first generation KIA Sportage was introduced in 1993 and its production ended in 2005.

2nd generation (2004 – 2015) Second generation of Sportage was introduced in 2004 and its production ended in 2010. However, it was still being produced in China where its production ended in 2015.

3rd generation (2010 – 2018) Third generation Sportage was introduced in 2010 and its production ended in 2015. Its production ended in 2018 in China.

4th generation (2015 – Present) Production of the third generation KIA Sportage started in 2015. It is still being produced in Pakistan.

5th generation (2021–present) The 5th gen Sportage was unveiled in 2021. Globally, its production will start soon.

Third generation KIA Sorento was launched in 2021 in Pakistan. Globally, its fourth generation is already introduced, but not in the Pakistani market yet. It comes in three variants (Sorento 2.4 L FWD, Sorento 2.4 L AWD, and Sorento 3.5 L FWD). Engine specs vary depending upon variants.

Some common features include electronic stability control, brake assist, hill start assist, vehicle stability management, ABS, auto dual zone climate control, parking cameras and sensors.

Here are all the generations and their time period globally.

1st generation (2002 – 2009) First generation Sorento was introduced in 2002 and its production ended in 2009.

2nd generation (2009 – 2021) The 2nd generation Sorento was introduced in 2009 and its production ended in 2015 globally. However, its production in Russia ended in 2021.

3rd generation (2014 – present) The 3rd generation Sorento was introduced in 2014. It is still produced.

4th generation (2020 – present) The 4th gen Sorento was unveiled in 2020 and it is being produced from 2021 till now.

KIA Grand Carnival

KIA launched the third gen Grand Carnival in 2018 for the Pakistani market. After the global launch of its 4th generation in 2020, the company decided to bring this latest generation to Pakistan. The 4th gen Grand Carnival has 2 variants (GLS and GLS+). Its LAMBDA 3.5 V6 MPI, 3,470cc engine coupled with 8 speed automatic transmission produces around 268 hp and 331.5 N.m torque.

18 inch Alloy wheels, airbags, hill-start assist, vehicle stability management, ABS, electric parking brake, smart automatic tailgate, automatic 3 zone climate control AC, parking sensors and cameras are some of its notable features.

Although KIA’s history in Pakistan is not consistent, this time, the company has partnered with a renowned company, Lucky Motor Corporation Pakistan. Its cars like Sportage and Stonic are also gaining popularity. So, let's hope, the company will stay here for a long period.

Kia 2024 FAQs

What is the lowest price car of KIA in Pakistan?

The lowest price KIA car in Pakistan is KIA Picanto, priced at 33.5 Lacs

What are the popular cars launched by KIA in Pakistan?

KIA has launched the following popular cars in Pakistan.KIA Sportage

Which model of KIA has the best mileage/fuel economy in Pakistan?

The best model of KIA w.r.t fuel economy is KIA Stinger. It gives null to null km/l.

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