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9 Things You Should Know When Building a House

There is so much to think about when you decide to build a new house for yourself and your family. Custom built homes require a lot of effort, time and thought process. While for some people, this process becomes troublesome, for others, it is one of the most memorable experiences of their lifetime. If you

Nov 14, 2022
LDA New Property Transfer and Other Fees: An Easy To Understand Guide

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has increased the property transfer fee. LDA, a self-sustainable organization has rationalized this increase by claiming that it had not increased its fees, fines and penalties in the last eight years and to stay self-sustainable, it has to raise more revenue. The Authority claims that the revenue generated from revised/increased

Oct 31, 2022
Steel Price in Pakistan Continues to Decline

In August 2022 we had informed you of the declining steel price per ton in Pakistan. At the time, a ton of steel cost you less than Rs.250,000. Now the prices have further declined. Latest Steel Price Today, the per ton price of steel is less than Rs.230,000. Depending upon where you buy the steel

Oct 11, 2022
Things To Consider When Buying a Used House

Whether you are buying a used house for the first time or you’ve gone through the drill before, you’d always get nervous jitters. It is a roller coaster ride which involves emotions like excitement, uncertainty and what not! But the trick is to not let these emotions take over you and know how to make

Sep 28, 2022
Stamp Duty Fee in Punjab Reduced and Fixed at 1%

Great news for the construction industry in Punjab and should it be enough to give it a jolt to re-start? The provincial government has announced to reduce the Stamp Duty fee by 1% (previously it was 2%) and has now fixed it at 1%. The idea is to jumpstart the industry which has gone dormant

Sep 16, 2022
Declining Steel Prices: Good Times for the Construction Sector!

Lately, the cost of construction has only increased in Pakistan. Among others, the rising price of steel alone has made the cost of construction go beyond many. The good news however is that steel prices have come down to less than Rs.250,000 per ton. A reduction of Rs.12K per ton, this has been made possible

Aug 17, 2022

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The government of Pakistan has introduced several reforms to facilitate the country’s property sphere, and has allowed it to evolve in such a way that the prevailing housing shortage is timely met. The real estate industry of Pakistan is on a fast-paced development path, further enabling the construction sector to flourish as well. The properties available for sale in Pakistan are very well-equipped. You can easily find affordable housing units, for people hailing from all walks of life.

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