Never purchase a Japanese vehicle without verifying it's auction sheet.

Know the auction grade and true condition of the car
Know if your car has been repaired or majorly accidental
Avoid buying water damaged or meter tampered cars

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for the auction sheet?

Pay through Bank Transfer

Does OLX Motors modify the Auction Sheet?

OLX Motors can not modify any auction sheets as these are bought directly from the Japanese Auction Houses.

How do I get the auction sheet after I make the payment?

Our representative will share the auction sheet with you once the payment proof is shared.

Can I obtain an Auction sheet of a car that has been imported 3 years or more than 3 years ago?

Yes, Auction sheets can be obtained for cars imported up to 12-14 years ago.

What if the car that I want to purchase does not have an Auction Sheet?

It is true to some extent. However, most of the sellers are reluctant to share their Auction sheet because of multiple reasons such as: meter tampering, water damage, major accidents, etc.

If the Auction sheet has been submitted to the Excise Department, can I still obtain it online?

Yes, it is a Myth that the Excise department keeps the Auction sheet whenever a car is registered in Pakistan. You can still obtain it online through our portal.

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