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  • Conducted via state-of-the-art equipment

What does the Car Inspection Report include?

A complete assessment of the vehicle’s condition.

  • Engine’s running condition
  • Detailed representation of damaged parts
  • Type of damage (scratch/dent/major)
  • Breakdown by category

Scoring criteria based on
following categories.

  • Overall Condition Analysis
  • Interior & Exterior Analysis
  • Percentage health score
  • Overall ranking per component

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Why Get Your Car Inspected from OLX?

Better selling price

Looking to sell your old car? Get a car inspection done to identify potential issues that you can fix & ultimately get a much better selling price.

Get instant feedback from the inspection team, in regards to any/all issues in the vehicle for timely resolution.

No need to grab hold of any mechanic. Schedule the inspection service from the comfort of your home and let our team of expert technicians do the rest.

Using the latest technology to evaluate any form of issues with any used car, and instantly providing a verified digital report.


Watch Inspection Process Insights

  • Team of Expert Technicians
  • State-of-the-art tools & equipment
  • Detailed report covering 200+ points
  • Find any hidden issue & avoid costly repairs
  • Save yourself from a bad purchase
  • Hassle Free Inspection
  • Guaranteed Same Day Inspection

Reviews & Feedback

8th Dec, 2021
Abdul Wahab

So I wanted to sell my old car and buy a new one, OLX Car Inspection helped me find the best possible vehicle. The cars falling within my budget were good on the outside, but had so many issues beneath its skin that I am very much thankful to OLX car Inspection for finding such irregularities using a fine-tooth comb. I totally recommend buyers and sellers to use this service to make a better decision, and save yourself from random fraud.

15th Dec, 2021
Muhammad Ahmad

I am not a car guy, or a mechanic. I often have troubles at the workshop because I don't know which part works or not, I only want my car to drive smoothly. When I found out about OLX Car Inspection, I knew that this service was made for people like me. It helped me sell my car at a higher value, than I was previously estimating. Moreover, there were very little flaws in my car, unlike what my local workshop mechanic had to say about it. Totally support this service, highly recommended!!!

22nd Dec, 2021

The traffic flow in Lahore is too time-consuming. Now join that with going to random mechanics and car show rooms to evaluate and buy any car is becomes very hectic. OLX Car Inspection Service has enabled me to get rid of this hassle, and get any car I deem fit for myself to me deeply evaluated for any sort of flaws. I can confidently announce that using this service, I have evaded this entire process and found a very viable vehicle for my use. Kuddos to Team OLX for launching this service!

29th Dec, 2021
Danial Iqbal

OLX Car Inspection is the best tool for getting my car inspected from the ease of my home.

4th Jan, 2022

OLX Car Inspection is the best tool for getting my car inspected from the ease of my home. I like it a lot. It helped me sell my car at such a good price! I’ll be using it again soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the inspection cost?
Basic Price PKR 4000 (0-1000CC Cars) Standard Price PKR 5000 (1001-2000CC Cars) Premium Price PKR 7000 (Above 2000CC Cars)
What does your inspection cover?

The inspection covers stages listed below. It must be noted that the inspection is visual only and no parts of the vehicle are dismantled or removed during the inspection.

Stage 1: Accidental or exterior check of the vehicle (body paint, identification of replaced body parts, body parts showered and body parts filled with polygate).

Stage 2: Mechanical check up (suspension check, gear shifting, engine cruising, brake response and steering performance)

Stage 3: Diagnostic test conducted by one of the leading OBD Scanners in the market (Test includes All electrical modules and sensors present in the ECU including Engine, Transmission, ABS, Electrical power steering, climate control, hybrid batteries (depending on the technology) etc.

In which cities are car inspection services available?
Our car inspection services are available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Multan, and Gujranwala. If you're in a nearby city, we can still assist you. Please contact us ( 042-111-444-555 ) for more details.
Do you also verify vehicle documents?
We do not take any responsibility for documentation of any type. However, we do verify auction sheets for Japanese vehicles. Charges for Auction sheet verification are PKR 2625.
Will you perform a compression test to check the health of the engine?
If any issue with the engine of the inspected vehicle is evident or apparent during the test drive, it will be reported in the inspection report. We do not perform any tests that require the removal or dismantling of any parts of the vehicle.
Will a test drive be conducted?
For every inspection, we try to arrange a test drive for the vehicle. However, a test drive may not be performed for a number of reasons such as a refusal by the vehicle’s owner, safety issues, weather conditions, invalid registration, any requirement by law and/or any other reason that will not permit a test drive. Any test drive will be at your sole risk and cost. OLX Car Inspection shall not be liable and takes no responsibility for any damage or loss of any nature whatsoever that might occur during the test drive.
Does the inspection have any validity period?
Yes, the inspection is done at a certain date and time and the report is valid only for the date and time specified on the Inspection Report.
Will I get the inspection report right away?
The inspection of the vehicle usually takes 45 to 60 minutes. After the inspection has been performed, the Inspection Report is sent to our quality control department for review after which it will be sent to you through e-mail or WhatsApp. This might take up to one (1) hour.
Do you check hybrid batteries health?
The majority of vehicles fitted with a hybrid battery have no additional instruments provided to indicate the health of the battery. Due to this, the inspector is unable to confirm the health of the hybrid battery without performing a road test or a diagnostic test.

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