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Rickshaw & Chingchi in North Nazimabad

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PKR 3000
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KM's driven
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  • Classic 110cc Loader
    Classic 110cc Loader
    Rs 257,000
    1 km2022
    Sakhi Hasan, Karachi3 weeks ago
  • Rickshaw for sale
    Rickshaw for sale
    Rs 110,000
    10,000 km2006
    North Nazimabad, Karachi11 hours ago
  • chingchi Loader
    chingchi Loader
    Rs 70,000
    10 km2022
    North Nazimabad - Block H, Karachi2 weeks ago
  • Loader Rikshaw 150 cc
    Loader Rikshaw 150 cc
    Rs 280,000
    35,000 km2021
    North Nazimabad - Block B, Karachi2 weeks ago
  • United 150CC, 2020
    United 150CC, 2020
    Rs 200,000
    3,000 km2020
    Pahar Ganj, Karachi2 weeks ago
  • Sazgar Rickshaw
    Sazgar Rickshaw
    Rs 230,000
    7,257 km2018
    Nusrat Bhutto Colony, Karachi3 weeks ago
  • Rakhsha 2015
    Rakhsha 2015
    Rs 135,000
    9,584 km2015
    North Nazimabad, Karachi4 weeks ago