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. BNIB] SGODDE LED Plant lamp, Double Head LED Plant Light, 20W 40 LED Growth Lamp, 3 Modes 5 Brightness, 2 Set Timer, 360 Degree Adjustable UV Plant Lamp, Grow Light with Automatic Timer (7) SGODDE latest plant lampLatest plant lamp technology. Light is essential for effective growth and plant health at every stage of development. The colors blue and red promote the growth of leaves and rhizomes, protein synthesis and bear fruit. UV can sterilization is used to reduce pests and diseases. The plants grow about 3 times faster than natural. 40 LED chips with 3 working modes 5 levels of comfort 14 blue & 26 red LED chips. SGODDE plant lamp has 14 blue LED chips ensure that plants absorb more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll to help with germination. 26 Red LED chip contributes to effective germination and flowering and improves photosynthesis for better results. Timer function The rearing function can be fully automated with the timer function. The plant lamp can be set like an alarm clock. You can set the time when switching on and off, then it will turn on and off automatically every day. Even the light emanating from windows may not be enough for the plant and the best solution is to grow the seedlings under LED or fluorescent growth lamps. Easy to set up & can be used anywhere SGODDE plant lamp applies to gardening, balcony, sowing, growing, flowers, potted plants etc. With the flexible but also stable 360 ​​degree neck, you can adjust the individual lamps as you need them. Heat is quickly reduced and the lamp remains cool even after 48 hours of uninterrupted use. What can you use the SGODDE plant lamp for? 1. Timing function - You can turn on our plant lamp anytime, anywhere 2. The plant lamp has three modes, five brightness. 3. More lamp beads - The Pfalz lamp has 26 red chips and 14 blue chips for better illumination 4. Easy to install - The clip is made of high quality materials and springs. You can attach them anywhere 360 ​​°. 5. They have been tested according to all guidelines and reliability. CE FCC PSE IC certified. 6. Saving energy, you save 70-80% electricity. 7. Environmental protection, no ultraviolet light, infrared radiation, zero emissions. 8. Long lifespan - more than 50000 hours. No special care necessary. 3 Working Modes - 40 Red & Blue LED Chips : Plant lamp is a light source that is used instead of or in addition to sunlight to improve the light-induced effect on plants. - 26 Red LED chips : Red light with a wavelength of around 660 nm can promote the flowering result of plants and is more suitable for flower and fruit greenhouses. . - 14 Blue LED chips : Blue light with a wavelength of around 460 nm can promote the germination of plants that are suitable for succulents, stems and leaves, as well as all seedlings. 5 Dimmable Modes 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% brightness. Timing & memory function - With 2 set time control, can close automatically after timing. - The timer function can be activated automatically every day according to your settings. It has a memory function. Specification : - Especially for photosynthesis you need this special light to get flowers, produce fruits and promote leaf growth. - The 20W 40LEDs plant light fits all house plants, including hydroponic and aquatic plants. - Many more important item also available, COD available all over Pakistan, Further information please Call WhatsApp :03:21:26:00:249: end :0333:247:33;83: fb AScollectiononlineshop،
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SGODDE LED Plant lamp, Double Head LED Plant Light, 20W Growth Lamp

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