Oil-Free, High Pressure Compressor  Multi-Staged, Water Cooled, V-Type
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TypeIndustrial Equipment


Oil-Free, High Pressure, Multi-Staged, Water Cooled, V-Type

Reciprocating Air Compressor with High Free Air Delivery

The design is applicable for use in many

different industries including food &

beverage, electronics, medical, chemical

and pharmaceutical

The design and manufacturing can be

tailor-made based on your compressed air


General Specifications

V-Type with 1,2 or 3 stages.

100% Oil-Free (according to ISO 8573-1).

Water cooled cylinders and exchangers.

Low energy costs and high efficiency: Control your daily working hours and free air delivery via microprocessor

control unit.

High pressure air receiver, high pressure air dryer, air filters, cooling tower are included in the package as standard

accessories. Inverter, chiller and remote control system are available as options.

Air bags are used for minimizing vibration and noise levels. Water collected at the separators are discharged using

automatic drainage system.

Test system designed specially for Lupamat is used for measuring and recording of all performance and capacity

data during quality controls.

30 different sensors are installed for precise measuring of data.

Long wearing material and design allowing continuous running at full-load for more than 4000 hours

Rs 550,000

Oil-Free, High Pressure Compressor Multi-Staged, Water Cooled, V-Type

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