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New Walkie talkie BF-888S Wireless UHF Two way Radio Bf888s woki toki 0
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Rs 5,999

New Walkie talkie BF-888S Wireless UHF Two way Radio Bf888s woki toki

Denso Hall, Karachi
3 weeks ago
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100% Guaranteed Of Original & High Quality Product BF-888S Walkie Talkie With Rechargeable Battery With Desktop Charger Long Range capabilities up to 1 to 3km upto 16-Channels Two Way Radio 5-Watt Programmable UHF Handheld Amateur Radio and every thing you need to get started communicating conveniently at a long range, whether in a recreational context like camping or on site at your business, Performance: Low cost BF 888s wireless Though the package gives the RF power at 5 watts, the real transmissions power is about 5 watts. At the maximum power, you could get a range of about City 1km and open area 3km upto depending on the conditions. Inside the city, it is about half of that. Suitable: A best tools for many aspect in our daily life such as Home, Building, Office, Guarding, Shops, School, Bank, Market, Hall, Office Game playing, Factory Place of Business and out Door Traveling and etc. . . Features: Intelligent charging Low voltage warning Power saving function 50 CTCSS / 105 CDCSS The environment and terrain Lit-ion long life battery backup Specifications: Channels: 16 Model: BF-888S Operated voltage: 3.7V Frequency: UHF frequecys RF Rated power: less than 5W Highlight: Easy to use Very affordable Long battery life Built-in flashlight Compact and durable English voice prompts Fast/intelligent charging This price Includes: 1 x BF-888S 1x Antenna 1 x Charger 1 x belt clip 1 x batterie NOTE: More walkie talkie availble: Motorola , Kenwood, icom, Hyt, Wanhua, Tyt & other brand brandad and chines Walkie talkie Availble Further information contact Cell Number CALL. 0/3/3/4/0/7/7/8/8/6/6 or Whatas App: 0/3/1/3/1/3/1/3/5/3/6 ___CONTACT___ If any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Us and we will try our best to help you ! Call No # 0/3/3/4/0/7/7/8/8/6/6 مزید معلوما ت یا آرڈر کے لیے رابطہ Zero Three, Three, Four, Zero, Seven Seven, Eight Eight, Six Six Whatas App: 0/3/1/3/1/3/1/3/5/3/6 رابطہ کریں آفس ٹائمنگ۔ SUNDAY_OFF ___Fast Delivery___ All over Pakistan your doorstep Fast Delivery available آپ کی سہولت کے لیے پورے پاکستان میں ڈلیوری سروس کی سہو لت بھی موجود ہے
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