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Ceramic Bulbs Ceramic bulb 25 & 50 Watts Rs 550. Ceramic bulb 75 & 100 Watts Rs 600. Ceramic bulb 150 & 200 Watts Rs 650. Infrared Bulbs 100 watts Rs 1100 150 watts Rs 1200 250 watts Rs 1300 375 watts Rs 1400 Features • 90% of energy is transmitted as infrared • Instant, accurately controllable radiant heat • Special filament design for a concentrated beam • High IR-A radiation level for deeper penetration of muscles and veins Benefits • Enhanced blood circulation relieves muscular pain • Concentrated heat can be applied to where it is needed An INFRARED LAMP is an incandescent light bulb that is used for the principal purpose of creating heat. These are also called infrared bulbs, heat lamps, halogen lamps and infrared heaters. Many heating lamps include a red or dark filter to minimize the amount of visible light emitted while still emitting a decent level of infrared heat. Commonly used for keeping animals warm. These lights are used for poultry and are often called brooding lamps. Aside from young birds or other types of animals which can benefit from heat lamps include reptiles, amphibians, insects, arachnids, and the young of some mammals. The product is also a good choice as a infrared heating sauna lamp.     Infrared heating bulbs use low energy heaters to quickly create heat without using much energy. Address For Google Maps https://maps. app. goo. gl/RiJdJq1H2DjTVmgZ7 السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ کیش آون ڈلیوری کی سہولت موجود نہیں ہے فکس پراسیس شاپ کارگو چارجرز بزمہ گاہک ھوں گے دوران کارگو نقصان کی کوئی ذمہ داری نہیں چائنیز سامان کی کوئی گارنٹی نہیں سامان مکمل تسلی کر کے لئے جائیں تسلی سے پہلے پورا اشتہار پڑھنے کے بعد کال کریں - شکریہ Cargo Service Available all over Pakistan. Charges applied. No OLX chat, only calls or whatsapp will be replied. No Cash On Delivery. Shop timing 11am to 8pm. Calls 4pm to 8pm. All parts available up to 100 to 5000 Eggs incubator. Call before coming & confirm availability آنے سے پہلےوقت مقرر کر لین- برائے رابطہ--- محمد عمران ملک اعوان ٹریڈرز دکان نمبر 8,9,11 دانیال منزل، چوہدری ولایت مارکیٹ، نزد دفتر چوہدری تنویر خان جھنڈا چیچی راولپنڈی کینٹ. Regards:-. Imran Malik Awan Traders Daynial Manzil, Ch. Walyat Market, Near office Ch. Tanveer Khan. Jhanda Chichi Rawalpindi.
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Helogen and Infrared Heat Bulbs & Blower

Jhanda Chichi, Rawalpindi5 hours ago
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Muhammad Imran Malik
Muhammad Imran Malik
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