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Adjustable racks / Wall Rack/ store Rack/ cash counter/ trolleys/ POS 0
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Well known Pakistani brand of Adjustable racking "RACKSSHOP" manufacturing best quality products . wall rack, Gondola Rack, store rack, Pallet Rack, bakery wall rack, Bakery counters, cash counters , pharmacy counters, shopping trolleys 60ltr 100ltr 125ltr baby trolleys loading trolleys, hand carry baskets, wire baskets , plastic hand carry bins, roller baskets 35ltr, 55ltr all are available in Ready stock Now. All products can be easily Delivered in all around PAKISTAN. RACKSSHOP also proving services as a whole seller in Pakistani Markeet . We provide one door solution in all super store / mart accessories like shopping trolleys 60ltr 100ltr 125ltr, loading trolleys , hand baskets wired, plastic bins , baby trolleys complete POS system, bar code scanner, Printers each and every thing available at 1plateform well known as RACKSSHOP. All these adjustable racks and counters are using in super stores marts bakeries oil stores mega marts vegetable shops and also for warehouses. loading trolleys pallets Point of sale POS inventory softwares also available at best prices in all over Pakistan. In pharmaceutical industry we deal in pharmacy wall rack pharmacy Gondola racks pharmacy counters pharmaceutical storage racks (both light weight and heavy weight pallet racks). book stores racks krakery shop racks stationary shop racks Available at exclusive diacount prices. A wide range of warehouse racking (pallet rack, tyre racks, auto parts storage racks, hardware storage racks, loading trolleys imported) all are available. Complete Adjustable racks wall racks Gondola racks store racks pallet racks vegetable racks oil display racks books rack file racks pharmacy counters pharmacy wall racks spare parts racks Bakery racks all are available in different attractive colors at discount prices and can be delivered in All over Pakistan. A wide range of shopping trolleys 60ltr 100ltr 130ltr baby trolleys rolling baskets wired hand carry baskets local / imported all are available at best prices in all over Pakistan. Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom located at Davis road lhr. RacksShop, 25A/1 2nd floor Davis House opposite TCS head office Davis Road lhr Prices Imp (Top) Cash counter 6ft Rs 55000/- local cash counter 6ft Rs 45000/- both with system table Baby trolley 6500 60ltr shopping trolley 10000 100ltr shopping trolley 11500 Roller Basket 35ltr 4350 Roller Basket 50ltr 5500 hand carry basket wire 1250
Rs 11,000

Adjustable racks / Wall Rack/ store Rack/ cash counter/ trolleys/ POS

Bank Road, Mardan3 weeks ago
Posted inBank Road, Mardan
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