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75-100mm 0.01mm Metric Digit Outside Micrometer Screw Gauge 0
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TypeMechanical Equipment
75-100mm 0.01mm Metric Digit Outside Micrometer Screw Gauge Manual Analogue Mechanical Vernier Caliper Width Thickness Gauge Precision Measuring Tools with Carbide-tipped Measuring Faces + Storage Box + Bracket Measurement Screw Locking Clamp + Key Wrench FEATURES: The micrometer gauge is exact to mm (measuring range: 75-100mm, accuracy: 0.01mm), which is a great tool to measures the outside thickness or the diameter of small parts to get precise measurements. Well balanced thimble diameter with distinct figures for easy reading numerical value. It is also equipped with a small spanner to adjust the tool. Great for machinists and jewelers for precise measurements. This gauge ranges from 75-100mm and features a lock to give you the most accurate reading. Measuring faces are manufactured from tungsten carbide steel for maximum durability. Packaged with plastic hard case for portable carrying. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Metal Super Hard Carbide Tipped Powder coated baked finish Smooth paint frame. Carbide-tipped measuring faces. Smooth surface with chrome clear scale. Resolution: 0.01mm. Locking clamp. Friction sleeve locking device to ensure of repeatability. Micrometer type: outside micrometers. Display type: analogue. Measuring range: 75-100mm. Dividing value / accuracy / : 0.01mm Product weight: 380 Grams Product Size (L x W x H): 21.00 x 11 x 2.00 cm Instructions for use: 1. Clean the measuring surface before use and correct the zero position. 0-25mm direct alignment zero: 25mm above use the bar gauge aimed at quasi-zero. 2. Zero correction method: if the 0-bit line is not aligned with the baseline, first loose screw with a screwdriver slightly, with a wrench to adjust the baseline position, so that the baseline alignment 0 taste bit line, then tighten the screws. (See instructions for use picture 2) 3. When measuring, the micrometer should be perpendicular to the work piece under test, rotating force measuring device, the measuring surface in contact with the work piece should be rotating gently, when the force measuring device issued a slight click, click . . . sound, that is the actual size of the work piece under test. 4. Locking device can be passive measurement of micro-screw back and forth. Relax to the right and lock to the left. (See instructions for use figure 3) 5. When measuring, the left hand should hold the heat shield to prevent body temperature transmitted to the micrometer, causing measurement error. 6. One end of the wrench can be adjusted zero; the other end can pull the force-measuring device. Package Includes: x1 Micrometer Screw Gauge x1 Adjusting Spanner x1 Storage Box NOTE: Stock is also available for BULK purchase.
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75-100mm 0.01mm Metric Digit Outside Micrometer Screw Gauge

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