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The overall technique of the V-comb is quite simple and easy. Now you do not need to purchase heavy combs to get rid of lice. 

Lice’s are a type of a parasite and they feed on the blood that they usually found on the scalp. Usually, the color of lice is tan and they are about the size of about the sesame seed. A lot of people have been going around the problem of lice on their scalp for ages. Such individuals often find it difficult to completely get rid of this problem. Not only adults, but children are also very much affected with this type of problem.


If your kid often scratches his/her head and complaining about itchy scalp, then you need to take extreme caution in this regard. This may be the very first sign of the infestation caused by head lice. Once you have confirmed the presence of lice, then the next step would be to remove it as soon as possible. There are a number of methods which you can adopt, but not a single method work in the long term. If you are also experiencing this gruesome situation, then there is nothing to lose heart because you can use a unique device for this purpose as Telebrands V-Comb.

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V- Comb Anti Lice

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