Tplink TL WR1043ND Router with Gigabit Wan 0
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L-WR1043ND's features :


Static and Dynamic IP, PPPoE , PPTP, L2TP and BigPond Cable WAN connections

MTU Adjust

DHCP Server, lease time setting, default domain and primary/secondary DNS

DHCP Client list

DHCP reservation

Virtual Server entry for single or multiple ports with TCP, UDP or all protocols forwarded. Enable/disable for each entry. 10 preconfigured common service ports

Port triggering – can set individual or range of incoming ports. 10 preconfigured common applications

DMZ Host

UPnP enable/disable with list of current UPnP applications, settings, protocols, internal port and status

IPv4 Static Routes

DDNS support for Dyndns

SPI firewall enable/disable

VPN Passthrough enable/disable for PPTP, L2TP and IPSec

Application Layer Gateway enable/disable for FTP, TFPT, H323 and RTSP

DoS (denial of service) enable/disable

Enable UDP Flood filtering (with settable threshold)

Enable TCP-SYN Flood attack filtering (with settable threshold)

Ignore Ping Packet from WAN port

Ignore Ping Packet from LAN port

Limit/allow LAN-based PCs access to router UI

Remote Management with user configurable port

Internet access control - Rule based access control for host (domain name or IP address) and target lists(domain name or IP address) using user-defined schedules

Enable/disable bandwidth control with user settable egress/ingress (upload/download) speeds.

Bandwidth rules list based on IP address (or IP range), port range and protocol

Wireless features

WEP, WPA / WPA2 Personal and Enterprise (RADIUS) support

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) support, pushbutton and PIN (called QSS – Quick Secure Setup by TP-Link)

Auto and manual channel set

Transmission rate set

SSID broadcast enable/disable

Enable/disable wireless

Enable WDS Bridging

Beacon period, RTS threshold, DTIM interval, Fragmentation Threshold adjusts

Wireless client isolation (from each other)

Wireless MAC address filtering (allow or deny based on MAC address)

WMM disable

Short GI disable

Wireless modes: b-only, g-only, n-only, mixed b/g, mixed b/g/n (default)

High / medium / low transmit power adjust

Beacon period, RTS threshold, DTIM interval, Fragmentation Threshold adjusts

Wireless client isolation (from each other)

WMM disable

Short GI disable

Despite the list above, there are some missing features that might make a big difference to you:

IPv6 support

Ability to populate DHCP reservation from existing client list

HTTPS (secure) remote management

Automatic internet bandwidth measurement

Scheduled wireless enable/disable

AP/router mode switch

Guest network


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Tplink TL WR1043ND Router with Gigabit Wan

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