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Clarion Dvd Player. English Language. Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth pairing, Smart Access connection, etc. can be set by following the procedure until completion. While maintaining the texture of vocals and forward localization, the surround components extracted from the sound source create a sound field with a sense of realism.  The sound that has accumulated near the driver's seat spreads throughout the interior of the vehicle, creating a sense of realism as if listening to classical music in the hall. When listening to music in the car, there are various personal preferences, such as wanting to localize the vocal in front of the passenger seat or in the center of the dashboard.  "Vocal image control" extracts the midrange component of the center where the vocal is recorded from the sound source, and moves the localization of the vocal back and forth and left and right by controlling the volume balance.  Vocal localization can be adjusted to any position without compromising sound quality or presence. Compressed audio formats such as MP3 and WMA are compressed to reduce the amount of data, and the high-frequency signal contained in the original sound is lost.  By regenerating the high-frequency signal lost by the "Sound Restorer" and restoring it to a state close to the original sound before compression, it is possible to reproduce with richer quality. A graphic equalizer that creates a realistic sound field in the passenger compartment.  You can switch the sound taste in 6 modes, BASS. B / HIGH. B / ACOUSTIC / IMPACT / SMOOTH / FLAT, according to the genre of music.  In addition, it is equipped with a sound quality setting that allows fine adjustment, allowing you to set the sound as you wish. Mirror link also without cable.
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Toyota , Honda, Cars. /Suvs Clarion Intelligence Voice Dvd Player

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