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The Sokkia CX 65 Reflectorless Total Station is a builder class instrument with an IP66 waterproof casing and reflectorless EDM technology. In addition, the Sokkia CX-60 series total station features other key specifications such as dual axis compensation, 15-hour battery life, on-board survey software capable of storing 10,000 points and USB flash memory (max. 8GB). These features combined with the affordable price, makes it the perfect entry-level solution for site layout or as-built survey.

RED-tech Technology Reflectorless EDM:

Fast distance measurement of 0.9s.Sokkia’s traditional pinpoint precision in reflector-less distance measurement.Coaxial EDM beam and laser-ponter provide fast and accurate aiming.Ensures accuracy even with reflective sheets.

Waterproof, Rugged, and Operator Friendly:

IP66 dustproof I waterproof rating.Rugged metal chassis and heavy duty handle.

Key Features of Sokkia CX65 Reflectorless Total Station

The Sokkia CX-65 Reflectorless Total Station allows construction professionals to measure distance of up to 1,148 feet without a prism. Maximize the distance measuring range up to 13,120 feet by using a single prism and get highly accurate results, even in dangerous or difficult to reach locations. Ideal for entry-level site layout and surveying, this Sokkia total station also features dual axis compensation which automatically corrects the vertical and horizontal angle for miss-leveling error.

Advanced Angle Measurement System

The Sokkia CX-65 Total Station features Sokkia’s orginal absolute encoders which provide long-term reliablity in any job site condition. The dual-axis compensator ensures stable measurements even when setup on uneven terrain.

Sokkia’s traditional motion clamp and tangent screw are employed to ensure stable angle measurement.

Perfect for entry-level site layout and surveying, the Sokkia CX 65 5-Second Reflectorless Total Station is a highly accurate and fast measuring device. It calculates angles and distances up to 350 meter away in reflectorless mode and up to 4000 meter when using a single prism. 

Rs 690,000

The Sokkia CX 65 Reflectorless Total Station

Muzaffargarh, Punjab, Pakistan
Oct 21

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Muzaffargarh, Punjab, Pakistan