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Solar System5KW Inverter Capacity5KW Panel Sizing-PV(W)3300 PKR749000 0
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TypeSolar Panel
System Description: 5KW Inverter Capacity: 5KW Solar Panel Sizing - PV (W) 3,300 Expected generation after losses 2,442W Expected units generation 366~440 Unit/m estimated ITEMIZE DISCRIPTION 1. Solar Panel Poly 330W Tier-1/ A-Grade Trina or equivalent 10 Trina 10 Years. 2. Inverter 1-Phase Hybrid Nitrox IP65 5KW Hybrid 1 Inverex 5 Years. 3. Panel Structure Flat Roof 5 - - 4. Misc Panel Accessories Bolts, Connectors, Combiners etc 10 - - 5. Box AC / DC devices Box 1 - - 6. AC Breaker Inverter Breaker 1 - - 7. DC Breaker PV Breaker 1 - - 8. DC Wire PV DC 6mm wire (ft) 400 - - 9. AC Wire Main & Load AC 10mm wire (ft) 150 - - 10. Channel/Pipe/Flexi - 200 - - 11. Battery Accessories - 1 - - 12. Under/Over Protection Material Cost PKR 439,400 13 Batteries Narada LiPO4 100Ah quoted life 5-7yrs Batteries Cost PKR 260,000 14 Installation & Civil Works - 1 - - 15 Transportation charges KHI. Service Charges PKR 49,600 Total PKR 749,000 Excluding Taxes NOTE: 1. Customized framing and additional wiring lengths will be charged extra. 2. Actual solar power generation is subject to solar irradiance and atmoshpheric loss levels, which can alter generation estimates. 3. In case of warranty claim DS will facilitate for manufacturer repair. 4. Items/brands are subject to stock availability. Any deviation/change in spec by customer will impact installation time 5. Temporary storage on site needed during installation 6. For ideal operation load must be balanced. Load management is customer responsibility. 7. In order for netmetering eligibility, connection sanction load must be greater than solar system load. 8. A pay order will be made by the customer in favor of KE for the processing and meter charges of KE. 9. One grid tie system can be applied on only one three phase electric connection. 10. Purpose of grid tie inverters is to provide energy savings and are designed to work only when grid power is available. 11. System specs are netmetering compliant and the required documentation will be submitted for KE netmetering. However we are not responisble for KE processing time. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS 1. Material advance (Delivery 5 working days) 2. Services after installation . 3. Quoted rates are subject to market fluctuations and can be changed.
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Solar System5KW Inverter Capacity5KW Panel Sizing-PV(W)3300 PKR749000

DHA Phase 6, Karachi2 weeks ago
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Muhammad Zahid bahi
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