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Features of Tyre Snow Chains

Steel Snow chains are also available. See on Website.

During winter, your car will be in danger of skidding or slipping on snowy and frosty roads in Murree, Naran or other snow areas in northern areas of Pakistan. Wondroz brought this simple solution for safe driving during winters; Nylon Snow Chains or Cables

These snow chains provide practical anti-slipping solution. The tire anti-skid chain has deep grooves on the outside to prevent the tire slipping on snow road. It also has anti-slipping dots on inside position for its strong grip on tyre

The nylon snow cables are durable with very low noise as compared to steel chains. The tire anti-slip chain is made of high quality nylon material, which is wear resistant, low temperature resistant, tough and durable, owing long using life. Nylon material also produces very low noise during driving

The snow cables are compact and lightweight. Thus, portable and convenient to carry out. They will take only little space in the trunk (diggi) of your car

One set contains 10 snow cables. You can order 1 or more sets as per your requirements

These snow chains are suitable for all kinds of cars and SUVs with 12 to 24 inches tire width. They are not suitable for truck wheel hubs

Use flat screwdriver for removing nylon cables from wheels after use. So that you can use them again

How Many Snow Cables Required For 1 Tyre?

You should fasten 5 nylon chains (cables) on one car tyre. You can also use 9 or 10 cables for even better grip but five cables per wheel are enough for secure grip

As most cars in Pakistan are front driven, therefore it is suggested to use these snow cables on front wheels of your car during snow weather. Snow chains on front wheels are enough for secure grip but you can also install these snow cables on rear tyres of your car for even better grip on slippery road of snow or mud

Length of each cable is 900mm or 2.95 feet

Suitability for Steel vs Alloy Rims

Wondroz team will suggest that these snow cables are best suitable for alloy rims

Snow cables are not good for steel rims

Therefore, we suggest that you should only buy it if you have alloy rims

How To Install & Remove Snow Cables

It is very easy and quick process to install or remove nylon snow cables

Enwrap cable around tyre. Insert flat side of snow cable into the hole of other side and tight it by just pulling. It will auto lock itself

To remove the snow cable, push lock button with screwdriver. Cable will be released from lock and then simply pull it to unfasten

Availability of Steel Snow Chains?

YES. Car snow chains, made of steel are also available. You can see price and images of steel snow chains, at the end of this same page

Rs 1,950

Snow Chains for Car Tyre in Pakistan

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