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SMSL Tube headphone amp,

Warm powerful excellent tube sound.

slightly used looks works like new with box and power adapter.


Our T2 amp utilizes two 6J9 J-grade tubes and two NJM5532D 

as core parts of the circuit. The 6J9 tubes amplify the voltage which 

increases the input signal. The current formed by NJM5532D (Made by 

JRC Japan Company) amplifies the electric circuit to drive the mini 

headphone amplifier. These two features provide an awesome 

combination of high quality sound and a very powerful drive current 

for an optimum listening experience! 

Our T2 amp adopts a Single Chip Microcomputer and Relay to control the muted sound when the device is OFF or first turned ON. It 

allows the device to warm up before transmitting sound, protecting the 

unit and your speakers and preventing that annoying “popping” sound that 

is heard with many other, fewer quality systems.


1 X T2 headphone amp 

1 X T2 user manual 

1 X Adapter

Rs 5,500

SMSL Tube headphone amplifier

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