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People are Turning more Conscious and Familiar towards the Benefits of Organic Produts.

Staying Healthy is the new Trend now. There is a Great Rise in Awareness of Organic Food now a Days. Desi Ghee is One of the Best Source of Energy in Organic Products.

Dairy Treat Desi Ghee is a Clarified Form of Pure Butter. Produced from Grass feed Cow's Milk, with Excellent Health Benefits and Nutritional Values.

Our Aim is to Provide Pure Desi Ghee to Our Consumers by Traditional

And Homemade Style Method.

Dairy Treat Desi Ghee is Free from any Preservations, colours or Artificial Flavours.

One of the Major Reason the Demand of our Desi Ghee is Constantly Increasing, because Purity is Our Culture. We don't Compromise on the Purity of Our Product.

We Make Fresh Hememade Style Desi Ghee Every Morning in limited Basis for our Regular Consumers, in order to mantain

Purness, Quality and Freshness.

Desi Ghee contains Vitamins A, D, E and k.

Helps to Improve Energy Level, Strengthen Musculs and Bones,

Helps to Improve Brain Functioning and Memory. Strengthen Heart and Improve Overall Health. Desi Ghee can Lower Bad Cholesterol and Inhance Metabolism. Strengthen Immune System, Improve Skin Glow, Strengthen Hair and Boost Energy Level. Helps in Weight Managements.

Desi Ghee is a Must for Childerns, for their Mental Functioning, like Learning, Memory, Growth and Recall.

Must for Child Growth As well.

Dairy Treat Desi Ghee Stays True to the Taste and Purity, brings the Flavors of your Childhood back to Life.

Rs 1400/Kg

For Delivery and Details,

Call 0300 1774222 .

Pure Desi Ghee Homemade Style

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