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ldeal for Tube / Tubeless Tyres : Seals punctures up to 4mm Puncher free Liquid Tyre Sealant seals punctures for the lifetime of the tyre, It's long lasting formula and it is made of a chemically neutral, 100% organic polymer that will not corrode or damage metal rims, tyres,plastic or rubber parts. Puncher free Liquid Tyre Sealant will seal punctures up to 4mm and is non-flammable, is nontoxic and safe to the environment. Liquid Tyre Sealant is in the tyre, it remains a liquid until a hole is found, allowing the sealant to escape and react with the atmosphere to seal the leak. It can work on -10 to 60 degree Temperature. Application 1. Remove the valve core to fully deflate the tyre, 2. Fill the tyre with the correct amount of Aeropak Liquid Tyre Sealant. Suggested fill quantities (Bicycles; [redacted phone number]ml, Motorcycles; [redacted phone number]ml, Small Cars; [redacted phone number]ml, Large Cars; [redacted phone number]ml) 3. Replace the valve core, and rotate the tyre for a few minutes to evenly spread sealant. 4. Inflate the tyre to the correct pressure, and as soon as possible slowly drive 1-2km. The puncture/leaks will automatically seal Recheck tyre pressure and reinflate if needed.
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Puncture freeTyre Sealant

Architects Engineers Housing Society, Lahore1 month ago
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syed wajahat haider
syed wajahat haider
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