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Love birds Confirm Breeder Pairs

Kahna, Lahore
2 months ago
World of Parrots "WOP Aviary Lahore" Top Quality Breeder Lovebirds for Sales Good in Size, 100% Home Breed, Vaccinated, Nail, Tail, Fly all Perfect. Ready to Breed and Last Year Confirm Breeders from different mutations are available. Best for this breeding season [ 0/3/0/0/4/8/0/0/0/7/0 ]. Red Hood Yellow Opaline confirm Breeder pairs 8k per Pair. (fertile eggs) White Hood Violet Opaline Confirm Breeder Females 4k per Pcs. Orange Hood Yellow Opaline confirms Breeder pairs with DNA 20k Pair. (fertile eggs) Rosicolis Dilute Confirm Breeder pairs 20k per Pair. (Fertile Eggs and Chicks). Black Mask Viloet Personata Breeders Pairs 5500 to 9000 per pair. Parblue Opaline with Parblue Opaline Pair for B2 Working Breeder pair 35k per Pair. (Fertile Eggs) Parblue Opaline+Bule Opaline Pair Confirm breeder 35k. (Fertile Eggs) Albino Black Eye Breeder Pair Confirm Breeder 15k (Chicks Average 3 per clutch) Albino Rosicollis with DNA. Black Mask Yellow Chest Holland breeder pair 15k . (Chicks Average 3 per Clutch) Rosicolis Creemino Opaline Breeding Pairs (3-4 chicks per Clutch) Red Hood Green Opaline Per Pcs 3000. White Hood Sea Green Opaline Pairs (Chicks Average 3 per clutch) Parblue's Pairs for blue 2 working (Ferrile Eggs) Green Fichser/Opaline/Blue (Confirm Pairs) Green Fichser Euwing/Blue (Breeding Pair) Blue Euwing Fichsri (Confirm Breeder) Violet Fichseri [Confirm Breeder) And Lot More Come Visit and check 1st. No Cargo available. No olx chat plz. Location: Ferozepur Road Kahna Lahore If anyone is interested contact us via. Call or WhatsApp. [0/3/0/0/4/8/0/0/0/7/0] Videos and details are available on Whatsapp. No
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