LIFE TIME FREE بائیک کو چوری ہونے سے بچائیں GPS Tracker pta approved 0
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FREE Android / iPhone App

Track on Fleet Management Website

Secured with login

Watch multiple vehicles on one screen

Supports tracking through SMS (in case no internet connection)

Speed exceed limit alert

overspeeding alarm

SMS on engine switch on

Engine on alarm

Engine off alarm

Engine off Call Alert

Geofencing Entry Alarm

Get notified when exit from area

Power off vehicle from mobile

Remotely control supply of fuel

Replay route of previous driving history

Mileage recording feature

Speed History Report

Location accuracy based on LBS + GPS + GPRS

Compact size with builtin GSM and GPS antenna

Auto upload location data over the server

Input sim card of any network

You can add multiple administrators to control your device

On Demand Location Tracing

Auto track continuously

Geo-fencing on Map

Multiple geofencing support

Low power consumption

Auto Sleep Mode

Anonymous access restriction, only accessible by owner

all models available, basic model Rs. 7500 and more available

Rs 7,500

LIFE TIME FREE بائیک کو چوری ہونے سے بچائیں GPS Tracker pta approved

Gojra, Punjab, Pakistan
Feb 20
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Gojra, Punjab, Pakistan
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