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High quality

Low Electric Cost

Control Way: Switch On/Off

Installs in any standard light bulb socket

Works as an energy-saving light bulb

Material: Plastic, Circuit Boards

Eliminates insects on contact

Can be used outdoors or indoors

An excellent solution to get rid of mosquitos

Dual function Bug Zapper and LED Light Bulb

The Mosquito Killer bulb screws into a standard socket and does not have any switches, dials or buttons that you need to activate. The bulb itself is wider than a standard light bulb, so that’s something to consider depending on your light fixture.

The electric bug zapping grid is in behind a plastic cage to keep you from accidentally zapping yourself if you touch the bulb while it’s on – which is a really bad idea, so don’t ever do that. Only insert or remove bulbs when the light is turned off.

The Zapplight comes with a small plastic brush that can be used to brush off the dead bugs – ick. The brush is too wide to fit between the plastic grid, without turning it sideways.

Rs 550

LED Bulb With Mosquito Killer Lamp

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