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Heavy duty Sealers 8" 12" & 16" Plastic Bags Sealing Machine 0
Heavy duty Sealers 8" 12" & 16" Plastic Bags Sealing Machine 0
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Heavy duty Sealer 8"= 1,599/-& Sealer 12" = 2,900/-

Sealer 16" = 3999/-available

Brand new Box Packed.


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Cash on delivery COD facility is available ALL Pakistan.

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Impulse Heat Sealer 8" Plastic Bag Film Sealing Machine Metal ABS 200mm

Brand new Box packed

Impulse Sealer 8" Operation:

1.It doesn't use power switch. Put the AC cord into 100V-220V socket, according to the thickness of the materials to be sealed, regulate the heat time duration. Put the plastic bag on the sealing platform, then put down the handle. The electronic circuit controls the heat time automatically. Once the light turns off, the power is cut off automatically. About 1-2 seconds later, release the handle and the perfect seal is completed.

2.If the break or damage appears on the seal, it's because of the over-long heat time. Please regulate the heat time toward the direction for shorter time.

3.If the plastic bag sticks to the handle rubber, it is because the cooling time is not enough. Please prolong the cooling time after the light turns off and release the handle later.

4.After regulating the heat time duration, please keep it unchanged in every time use. Unnecessary to make any regulation for the continuous sealing.

5.The AC cord is surely plugged into the socket all the time and it does not consume the power at all under non-use condition.

Impulse Sealer Specifications:

1.Type: PFS100, 200, PFS-200, 300, 400 Impulse Sealer. It is suitable to seal every kind of plastic films and widely used in the fields such as food ans sweet stuff, native and special goods, electic appliance parts etc. It's easy-using and economical sealing equipment for manufactures, stores and service industry.

Impulse Sealer Features:

1.For PE/PP bags

2.Impulse sealing for power-saving

3.Precision electronic control circuit

4.Type: PFS100, 200, 250, 300, 400

5.Voltage: 220V-240V 50/60Hz

6.Power: 150-650W

7.Weight: 2700g

8.Color: Blue

Impulse Sealer Packing List:

1x Impulse Sealer

1x Heater wire

1x Belt

1x Manual.

Rs 1,599

Heavy duty Sealers 8" 12" & 16" Plastic Bags Sealing Machine

Valencia Town, Lahore, Punjab
Jul 21

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