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HEALBE GoBe2 smart band uses a unique FLOW technology to track your calorie intake, body hydration, sleep and stress level as well as pulse, steps, and distance. Order yours today! HEALBE app is available on iOS and Android and as the web app.

The Healbe GoBe2 is equipped with five primary sensors. Combined with their patented FLOW algorithm, they can track a huge number of health metrics. The sensors are as follows:

Piezo Pressure Sensor

Impedance Sensor


Galvanic Skin Response Sensor

Gyroscope and Magnetometer


An accelerometer will let you control your physical activity.

A calorie counter is automated and you won’t need to manually look for calorie statistics of consumed products and record this information.

A sleep tracker will help you understand the impact of your life style on sleep quality and how to improve your sleep.

A stress level tracker allows tracking your emotions during the day.

A hydration level monitor will send a reminder in case you drink little. Mineral water is recommended for drinking as potassium, manganese and sodium salts retain water in human body and thus have a positive effect on your body water balance.

Calorie Tracking

It works in general, but it seems to me that the result is about 20% than my own calculation. Obviously, my impression is subjective as I had to chance to thoroughly calculate the energy value of food consumed.

Hydration Tracking

I doubled my water intake; insufficient fluid level notifications pop up often, four to five times a day on average. Given that it is recommended to drink at least two liters a day (and even more if you take up physical or intellectual work), I am totally on board with that.

Heart Rate Tracking

The accuracy is acceptable for me. The advantage of the tracker is its non-stop performance. The deviation from treadmill detectors is under 10%. I doubt this level of accuracy will be sufficient for athletes.

Stress Level Tracking

The monitoring is constant during the day which is beneficial for further analysis and understanding the factors influencing your stress. Subjectively I felt that the tracking is more accurate than that offered by, for instance, Shealth app which relies on heart rate only for stress level statistics.

Step Counter and Distance Tracking

It counts accurately regular steps; I compared the data with the results of my phone accelerometer and MiBand fitness tracker. The deviation is within 10%. The tracker doesn’t count treadmill steps well and marks down about 50%.

Sleep Tracking

Personally I felt that the tracking is more accurate than that of MiBand or Jawbone.

Weight Loss or Gain Meter: This device can represent your calorie intake and burn in an energy balance bar. A negative balance means you are burning more calories than your intake, which actually means losing weight. On the contrary, if you want to gain weight, just keep your balance positive.

Sleep Quality Tracking: Understanding how important sleep is, GoBe2 can measure your sleep quality, duration, REM sleep phases, and wakeups. It also recommends how much sleep you need to recover your health to the normal condition.

Real-time Heart Rate Tracking: It can track both your active and idle heart rate in a real-time updating manner (once every 10 seconds). The pulse wave sensor, which is unique to this device, will tell you how active you were at a certain time.

Activity Tracking: This device would have been incomplete without the basic activity tracking features. With its accelerometer sensor, it is possible to track the number of steps taken and distance traveled.

Water Intake Tracking: Healbe GoBe2 can automatically track how much water you are consuming. In case your body is running low on water, this device will

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Healbe GoBe2 Complete Smart Life Band

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