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Practicing lawyer and consultant in all legal fields. We provide Legal Consultancy According to the Teachings of Islam and Sunnah. LEGAL SOLUTIONS THE NAME YOU CAN TRUST!! Team of Competent Lawyers available to assist you in courts. ***We try to deliver our best performance to perform our duties and bring positive changes in the society. ***Our law firm provides legal Consultancy to the public, companies, NGOS and firms SERVICES WE PROVIDE: 1. Family laws, Guardianship and Custody matters 2. Civil and Criminal Cases 3. Reconciliation and Arbitration 4. Tasfia and raazinama 5. NAB and FIA cases 6. Society cases, Settlement cases 7. Taxation and Company cases 8. Rent matters 9. CDA and RDA cases 10. Writs and Constitutional petetions 11. Service and Banking Court matters 12. Speedy remedy against land grabbers and land mafia 13. Consumer Court cases 14. Inheritance Laws, Partition suits, varasatnama 15. Property disputes 16. Court Marriage 17. Settelments 18. Arbitration Our Vision is a safe and secure Nation where everyone should enjoy his fundamental rights. 'We deliver you your legal right' contact:

Female Lawyer in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad

Cantt, Rawalpindi2 days ago
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Posted inCantt,Rawalpindi,Punjab
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