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Delivery bag panini grill sharwama counter pizza oven slush fryar hot 0
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TypeOther Restaurant Equipment
1- Pizza Oven China South star Raven star Touch model 2- Dough Mixer China with safe guard Without sage guard 3-Pizza prep Table Simple Table Under counter chiller 4-Cheese Crasher Local 5-Dough Proofed China           Fast Food 1-Deep Fryer Single tank single basket Single tank double baskets Single tank with side sizzling Double basket center sizzling 2-Hot Plat Simple Hot Plat with all sizes Simple Hot Plat with Gas Grill 3-Oil Filter 4-Marinated Machine 5-Hot Case with Table in all sizes 6-Breading Table in all sizes 7-Wall panelilng 8- Hod with & without greens filtered 9-Ducting 10-Stove Burner Pakistani Food cousin Burner Chinese's Food Burner Daigi Burner China Imported cooling equipment 1-Slush Machine 2-Pan Roll Tawa ice cream Machine 3-Cone machine Soft & Hard 4-Bakery Display Chiller counter 5-Up Right Chiller 6-Ice Cream Freezer 7-Ice Cube Maker 8-Salad Bar local & Imported          Hot Machinery 1-Hot Bin Marie 2-Coffee Machine 3-Coffee Steamer 4-Soap catal 5-Soup bin Marie           Special Counter 1-Shawarma counter 2-BBQ Counter 3-Saji rice Counter 4-Bar Counter 5-Soup Counter 6-Sweet corne Counter            Table Model China Machinery 1-Deep Fryer Table Model Single Tank single basket 5.5L oil electric Double basket 5.5L per tank oil electric Single basket single tank 5.5L oil Gas Double basket 5.5L per tank oil Gas Fryer with Hot Plat table model 2-Egg better 1.5kg floor , 5L water 3-Pan Pizza Electric 5-Ice Shake Blander Soundless Blander Sound proof Blander touch model               Recipe 1-Pizza Dough Mix Recipe 2-Pizza sauce Recipe 3-Pizza chicken Recipe 4-Pizza cheese Recipe 5-Salad Recipe 6-Fast Food Marination 7-Fast Food Sizzling 8-Shawarma Recipe Shawarma chicken Shawarma sauce Shawarma Mayo Sauce 9-Burger Mayo sauce Recipe 10-Grill Burger Recipe Grill Chicken Grill mayo =Grill Grill spicy sauce We are deal in all type Restaurant Staff & Staff training , admin , and Station Observation Check List. We are Manufacturing All machinery & China imported equipment sale &
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Delivery bag panini grill sharwama counter pizza oven slush fryar hot

Commercial Market, Rawalpindi4 weeks ago
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syed zohaib
syed zohaib
Member since Nov 2018
Posted inCommercial Market, Rawalpindi, Punjab
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