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Mezan Block Factory. Hollow Concrete Blocks Uses the Size. 4"×8"×16" 6"x 8"x16" (1"1/4) 6"×8"×16" (1"1/2) 6"×8"×16" (1"3/4) 8"×8"×16" (1"1/2) 12"×8"×12"(2") Specification: These Hollow Blocks are becoming very popular, Larger than Solid Blocks ,Lighter in weight and the Construction of walls are easy and Quick. The VOIDS can be filled with steel bars and concrete for acheiving high earthquake resistance. The Air space provide good thermal insulation and the Cavities can be used for electrical installation and plumbing. For more Information contact. Solid Concrete Blocks Uses the size of 2"×8"×12" 4"×8"×12" 5"×8"×12" 6"x8"x12" 8"×8"×12" 9"×6"×12" 9"×8"×12" These Solid concrete blocks is primarily used as a building material in the construction of walls. Specifications: Our Solid concrete block's wall can be laid in less time and may cost up to half as much as a similar brick wall & are used extensively for both load bearing and non- load bearing walls, externally and internally & is a versatile, durable material for the construction of building walls that provide load-bearing strength, fire resistance,a high degree of resistance to sound penetration and other desirable features. . These load bearing blocks made from concrete offer more compressive strength than standard landscaping concrete blocks which are used for features or pavements. Aggregates Used: The essential aggregates used in the manufacture of these blocks consist of Small size Crush, Sand, 53 geade CEMENT and a required level of WATER. They shall be hard, strong, durable, clean and free from adherent coatings. For more Information please call.
Rs 3,400

Concret Blocks.

Bhara kahu, Islamabad7 hours ago
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Ahtasham Idrees
Ahtasham Idrees
Member since Oct 2017
Posted inBhara kahu, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
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