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Offered Courses in Talagang

Maqbool Solutions offering computer Trainings / Courses are:

1.Desktop Development

Desktop Development also known as software development. To make software for desktop or laptop which not require internet connection is called Desktop and languages are used in Desktop Development.

JavaFX, Visual Basic, C#, C++

2.Web Development

To make software which require browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc) are called web Applications and languages used in Web Development are:

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.Net

3.Database Administration

Basically data is a collection of raw facts and figure and the process of creating and maintaining is called Database Administration

PostgreSQL, My SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Mongo DB, SQL Lite, etc.

4.Mobile App Development

The process in which an app is created/developed for a mobile is called Mobile App Development. Different language used to develop such apps are:

Java, C, C++, C#

5.Game Development

The process of creating a video game is called Game and a person who oversees the development is called producer, project manager, project leader or director. Development team includes Programmers, Level Designer, Sound Engineer & Tester. Major languages used in such development are:

C#, C++, Java.

6.Animation Development

The process of producing high quality animated pictures in sequential order using detailed drawings and plausible movement is called animation development. Major languages used in such development are:

C++, Java.

7. Office Automation

Office automation refers to the varied computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks.

8.Security and Surveillance

The process to observe, monitor & secure (physically or electronically) a specified area, people, place & vehicle is called security and surveillance. Different media used for this purpose is: CCTV Cameras, Fencing, Networking etc.

9.Graphic Designing

The process of problem solving and visual communication through the use of photography, typography and illustration called Graphic Designing. Different software used for this purpose like Corel Draw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, Affinity Software etc.

10.Digital Marketing

The process of advertising through digital media/channels like Search engines, social media, email, websites & mobile apps called digital marketing. It is the fastest, cheap & the more advanced marketing method of the present era. SEO, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Marketing are well-known types of Digital Marketing.


Administration of an organization, company, NGO, business or a government body is called Management. Different Administrative departments are HR, Project Management, Quality Assurance & Quality Controlling, Secretary, Accounts & Finance etc. All the persons related to these posts are called Officers, Vise Presidents, Senior Managers etc. All such positions are highly paid and have very high authority.


AutoCAD is a commercial computer aided design and drafting software developed by Autodesk to create innovative 2D & 3D drawings. AutoCAD is used in architecture, construction & manufacturing to assist in preparation of maps, blueprints & other engineering plans.

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Computer Training/Courses In Talaganag

Talagang, Punjab, Pakistan
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Talagang, Punjab, Pakistan