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Some degenerative diseases and medical conditions such as Spinal Cord injury, Motor Neuron Disorder, Amnesia, Schizophrenia etc may make an individual bed bound. Also, in case of certain diseases, the doctor advises a patient to go on complete bed rest for at least some period of time in order to get recovered fast. In such situations, the patient may need assistance for every little thing pertaining to their daily life. Bedridden patients, in most cases, cannot move, walk or sit up on their own. They need assistance for those activities too. If you are looking for the best care for a bedridden patient at home, our Bedridden Patient Care Staffs can help you in this situation. They are highly experienced in the field of bedridden patient care and specially trained in this particular domain of care giving.

The roles & responsibilities handled by our bedridden patient care takers mostly include:

CARELINX is offering Home Nursing Care Services through Registered Male and Female Staff Nurses as well as qualified and experienced Patients attendants.

Our Services Covers the care needs of;

1. Heart / Cancer / Orthopedic Patients

2. Post Stroke / Post Trauma Patients

3. Patients with Post Surgeries

4. ICU / Patient at Ventilator

5. Patients with Bedsore / Accidental Injuries

6. Premature Babies

7. Patients with Any Physical / Intellectual Disorder

8. Patient with any Medical Procedure or Treatment

9. Elders with aging / Dementia / Alzheimer

At CARELINX, Our Patient Attendant Care includes the following services

1. Bedridden Patient Care

2. Bathing & Sponge Cleaning

3. Massage & Regular Physiotherapy

4. Feeding [Oral]

5. Medication [Oral]

6. Diaper Changing

7. Nail Care

8. Hair Care

9. Oral Care

10. Position Change

11. Steam Inhalation

12. Blood Glucose Test

13. Bed Pan

14. Fall Prevention

15. Bedsore Prevention

16. ADLs

Certified Nurse Advanced Care Services includes;

1. IV/IM Line, Insulin Injection

2. Tracheotomy Care

3. Suction Services

4. NG/Ryle’s tube Feeding

5. PEG Feeding

6. Catheter Care

7. Unconscious Patient Basic Care

8. Bed Sore Dressing

9. Nebulization

10. Body Massage

11. Vital signs

12. Range of Motion Exercises

13. Therapeutic exercises

14. Enema / Pass Stool

15. Suppository

16. Ventilator Care

So next time you know someone who has a bedridden patient at their home then all you have to do is contact CARELINX for Bedridden patient care staffs in Pakistan. And you do not have to worry about the patient compliance as our professionals are very good at their job and know how to handle them with utmost care and support to relax them and make them heal as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for a responsible Male or Female Nurse or Attendant for your ailing family member call us without delay…We’ll send you the best professional for sure!

CARELINX-Home NURSES Available-Get Top Quality Care In Lahore Anywhere

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