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Very Effective product for weight loss, Diabetes, Blood pressure and High Cholesterol Patients

1 Enhance flow of blood through entire body, restore the elasticity of blood vessels and enhance the oxygen carried in blood stream

2 Helps in Lowering Blood Pressure

3 Effective against heart disease & cardiovascular diseases

4 Helps to regulate Diabetes condition

5 Helps lower the Cholesterol

6 Helps lower the uric acid

7 Helps to accelerate the decomposition of fat tissue, that is why it is an n effective fat burner; good tool for weight loss around the stomach, waist, hips, etc. Targets sagging waistlines.

8 Provide relaxation to the various muscles

9 Reduce the pain and stiffness of joints

10 Beneficial in improving mobility of osteoarthritis patients.

11 Good for cervical spondylopathy (aches of waist and legs)

12 Reduces Headache

13 stimulation of key body points and massage of reflex areas in palms and feet.

14 Keeps body channels clear and activated

15 Promotes blood circulation, restore the elasticity of blood vessels and promote the expelling of toxins and waste

Advantages of this massager over others in market

1) Two speed Control

2) Infrared

3) 1 year warranty

4) Highly durable

1) Sufferers of a hemorrhage

2) People having rods in their body

3) People having pacemaker in their body

4) Before 6 months after major surgery/ operation

5) Pregnant woman

6) During menstruation

7) Tuberculosis or DVT sufferers

8) Anyone with glaucoma or retina desquamation

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Blood Circulation Massager (BCM)

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