Bike GPS TRACKER Engine lock ZERO LINE RENT pta approved ime
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ZERO LINE RENTACCURATE LOCATIONWatch on Android / iPhone AppFREE Platform Website Limited users accessاپنی تمام گاڑیوں اور موٹرسائیکل کو ایک ساتھ کمپیوٹر پر دیکھیں۔Location on SMS Supportاسپڈ لمٹ زیادہ ہونے پر آپ کو اطلاع دی جائے گیReceive Call when Speed exceed limitStart Ignition SMS alertStart Ignition Call alertSMS on engine switch offStop Ignition Call alertGeofencing Entry AlarmGet notified when exit from area

Engine Elec Supply Control from Mobile

Stop fuel supply from mboile

Replay route of previous driving history

Mileage ReportSpeed History Report

Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet.

Compact size with builtin GSM and GPS antenna

Support SMS/GPRS/Internet Network data transmission

Supports any SIM from your telco operator

You can add multiple administrators to control your device

Find your car at a single point

continuous locating and reporting on specified time

Cicular, Square Geofence Support

Multiple geofencing support

energy save with low voltage

Stop location upload on static location

Password for Application Use , Security Code for SMS Commands

آپ کے بجٹ کے مطابق، انتہائی سستا صرف 6500 میں لوکیشن ٹریکر، یا پھر زیادہ قیمتی والے ٹریکر سے زیادہ سہولیات فراہم ہوں گی

Rs 6,000

Bike GPS TRACKER Engine lock ZERO LINE RENT pta approved ime

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Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan
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