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Dear Mr. Customer,

According to your requirement to

Fast Automatic Car wash Company in Pakistan regarding automatic car wash system/plant, It is informed you that we are very famous, well reputed and well renowned in the Pakistan for manufacturing and importing of automatic washing systems / plants for car, bus.

The Fast Automatic car wash Company make several types / varieties of models of automatic wash systems / plants for cars wash but Fast1 Rollover Model for car wash is advised / suggested which shall be very feasible & viable for your service station.

We offer Fast1 Rollover Model with high pressure water flow and under car chassis washing on much discounted price for your service station. Further information and details about this model are as follow.

Please be informed this model due to excellent functioning / working and economical price is very popular in Indo-subcontinent therefore mostly European filling stations / service stations are importing these models.

Please be advised the above mentioned model shall wash 5 to 7 cars per hour.

We calculate average quantity i.e. 6 cars per hour it means in 12 hours total 72 cars per day.

But we calculate more realistically i.e. 20 cars Suzuki type and 20 cars Toyota / Honda type and 5 cars Land Cruiser type total cars 45 per day for washing instead of 72 cars.

Hence the feasibility / viability of the automatic car washing systems / plants may please be observed / viewed at a glance.

The car washing with under chassis, drying and waxing / polishing for shining should be charged for

Suzuki type cars Rs.450/- per car

Toyota / Honda type cars Rs.450/- per car and Land Cruiser type car Rs.650/-per car.

Rs.50/-per car have been deducted for washing cost / expenses.

30*400=Rs.12000 20*400 =Rs.8000 10*600=Rs.6000 Total income per day 26000/-

Total income per day Rs.26000/-

Total income per annum (360 days) Rs.9, 360,000.00

The investment per plant Rs.6000,000.00

1st year profit Rs.2, 060,000.00

And from the next years, the profit shall be per annum Rs.9, 360,000.00

The project which recovers its capital investment in one year, is considered very successful project.

It is very important and noticeable point that Rs.450/-, Rs.450/- and Rs.650/-charges per car wash are equivalent charges to the charges by manual car washing but automatic washing system shall wash better, quick and perfect which shall attract, fascinate and appeal to more and more

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