Australorp Breeders - Age 5.5 months - Laying Started
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We have a limited stock of Australorp breeders with 1:3 ratio (1 male to 3 females).Price per bird is Rs 2500

What is Australorp?

Australorp is an Australian breed of chicken famous for it's brown colored large eggs and ability to perform in harsh climatic conditions.

It is a dual purpose chicken breed, meaning that hens are excellent layers that lay more than 300 eggs each year & roosters are good meat birds reaching an average weight of 2-2.5kg

Australorp holds the world record of laying most eggs in one year.

Australorp chickens are extremely adaptive to Pakistani climatic conditions and are therefore a top pick for commerical farmers and hobbysists - alike

Why choose our Australorp Breeders?

Fresh Australorp breeders sets are available that have just started laying.

1.) All birds are completely vaccinated and disease free.

2.) Excellent genetics

4.) Early layers

5.) Great for meat production

6.) Amazing fertility rates for hatching day old chicks

7.) Good weather tolerance

8.) Extraordinary feed conversion ratios, for egg and meat production - both

Minimum purchase quantity is 1 set (1 male and 3 females).Price quoted above is for 1 bird.

Price per bird is Rs 2500

Kindly contact us via call,SMS or Whatsapp should you have any questions.

Rs 2,500

Australorp Breeders - Age 5.5 months - Laying Started

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