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my name is bilal, i m professional web developer and computer Courses Teacher

Contact number 0345-3132294

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This is Web development course by using

React (MERN)

Web Engineering

React.js Course


Introduction to React.js

What is React

Why Study React.js

What you should know before learn React.js

React is Different

React Environment Setup& Inspecting

Environment Setup

Simple Server Setup

Setting up Chrome tools for React

Inspecting React sites

Efficient rendering with React

Basics Components

Pure React

First Component

Intro to JSX

JSX vs. React.DOM

Refactoring elements using JSX

Working With Forms & Events – Basics & Implements

Managing State

Synthetic Events

Using Refs & Props

States, Properties & Methods

Lifecycle Methods & Spec

Properties & Validation

Working With States

Adding component properties and methods

Component Lifecycle

Mounting Lifecycle

Updating Lifecycle

Unmounting Lifecycle

Transpiling with Babel

Babel inline transpiling

Babel static transpiling with babel-cli

Building with webpack

Loading JSON with webpack

Adding CSS to webpack build

Planning an ActivityCounter

Creating &

Adding component properties and methods

Creating components with createClass()

Adding component properties

Adding component methods

Creating components with ES6 class syntax

Creating stateless functional components

Adding react-icons

Composing components

Displaying child components

Working with props and state

Default props

Validating with React.PropTypes

Custom validation

Working with state

Passing state as props

State with ES6 classes

React Addons

What are Addons?

React & Animation – Concepts

React & Animation – Implementation

Two Way Data Binding

Data Flow

One-Way Directional Flow of Data

Comparing Angular's Two-Way Data Binding to React

Working with Data

Server API setup

Fetching Data via AJAX

Fetching Data via AJAX – implementation

Posting Data via AJAX - Basics

Posting Data via AJAX - implementation

Setting up Routes

Incorporating the router

Setting up routes

Navigating with the link component

Using route parameters

Nesting routes

Creating Forms

Creating a form component

Using refs in class components

Using refs in stateless components

Two-way function binding

Adding an autocomplete component

Challenge - Building the Member component

Challenge - Building the MemberList component

React with JSX Transformers

Introduction to JSX

Your First Component

Working with Forms & Events – Basics

Working with Forms & Events – Implementation

React tools


Server &WorkFlow

React on the Server

Gulp &Browserify

WorkFlow– Concepts

Gulp &Browserify

WorkFlow – Implementation

Brief intro to Flux

A Real-time 2 Project (User Profile)

Project Overview

User Data Request

Displaying the user data

Fetching and displaying Repository

Search Functionality

Build Process With Gulp and Browserify

Static Version

Wiring Up Events

Real-Time Data With Firebase

This is Web development course by using

PHP (web development)

MYSQL (Database)



Framework (CI,Laraval)


HTML5 (web structure)

CSS (Web Design)

JavaSScript (Web scripting)

Jquery (Animations,validiations,etc)

Angular(HTML front Suuport)

Bootstrap (CSS/JS Framework)

For further information about course

add me on skype: bilal.hussain1983

call or sms on my number (whatsapp same number)

Angular react node js javascript

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