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8ft x 2ft height x 2ft deep fully automatic self controlled marine tank. Whole aquarium is controlled by mobile app so you can sit and relax and we free of troubles.

Total cost 1,700,000

Demand 750,000

All exotic fishes

Every single technology of reef keeping is applied.

mitsubishi imported 1ton titanium chiller,

2 big top of the line skimmers capable for 300 gallons each which are controlled automaticaly by float valve to stop over flowig and intimate you when the neck needs to be emptied.

20000 litre per hour titatnium impellar heavy duty return pumo with feed, speed and wattage control in lcd.

12000litre per hour and 4000 litre per hour spare controllable pump.

6000 litre per hour return pump (non controllable)

2 cp 25 controllable gyres

1 cp 45 cobtrollable gyre

1 rw 8 controllable wave maker

2 vastooceans seaweed clips

4 wifi hyleton smart plug to cobtrol the whole tabl through your mobile

1 kg rowaphos with 550 phosban reactor from two little fishies.

3 kg Bio pellets and reactor.

Chaeto chamber with 15kg chaeto

Algae scrubber

Auto water top off unit which fills water in tank automaticaly and turn on thr rp unita automatically when reservoir gets empty.

8 marine pure blocks

2 marine pure plates

8kg marine pure balls

10 kg cermaic bio media

Deep red sea 50kg aragonite sand bed chamber with miracle mud.

Pre filter reactor

8 1litre packets of seachem Purigen

All test kits

Refracto meter


3 uv sterlizer 36watts each

Ro filter unit creates 7tds

Deionizer filter unit creats 0 tds distilled water.

100kg live rock

100kg red sea pink carib sand

10kg activated carbon

4 chanel doser

Calcium, magnesium, alkalinity, strontium, iodine and kalkwasser additives.

Auto wifi feeder

8 Auto controlled marine led lights

10 packets blood worms

2 packets spirulina

5 packets seaweed from julian sprung.

1 garlic extreme supplement.

5 box complete food range from vitalis platinum. UK based feed best in market.

Battery operated air pumps

Ups system

Auti wifi contrilled feeder

Auto standard feeder

Hydrophobic led light 300 watts

24 7inch 200micron filtersocks good to cover 2 months.

Many many other items

Most equipments are new so comes with their boxes.

22 fishes and lots of invertibrates

For more details contact me on whatsapp for complete item list

Note: no stupid offer, only experienced and learnered people may contact who knows about the hobby.

Whole setup must go wil not sell single item seperately.

For video walkthrough: search youtube "sarim's 8ft salt water tank walkthrough"

Rs 750,000

8ft 1000litres automatic marine salt water aquarium karachi

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