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- These versatile fryers are capable of handling an array of

************ fried products,

-french fries,

- onion rings,

- chicken nuggets,

- donuts,

- sweet potato strips,

- mozzarella sticks,

- battered

******* breaded products

- fried chicken,

- fish sticks or patties,

- store prepared potato chips,

- nachos,

- fried tortilla shell salad bowls,

- seafood,

- tempura vegetables,

- plantains (banana slices),

- jalapeño poppers,

- pasta

- specialty snacks

- desserts.

All stainless steel construction and a fully welded fry tank provide durability and longer oil life.

- 4 Tube Fryer with Blower Model

- Gas based Furnace system

-* 4 tube fryer (Can be customized to multiple tube fryer - Rate can be negotiated)

- 4 Tube Sizzling Fryer

- Heating System Gas Based with heat sensors

- Electric System for Automation

- 4 Tube Fryer is Powerful enough to fry a variety of popular appetizers and entrees like french fries, onion rings, hot wings, and multiple fast food products.

- Liter Capacity

- Thermostatic Controls : An easy-to-operate thermostat lets you visualized and regularize temperature to 160 degrees Centigrade, so you'll be able to fry a variety of foods perfectly every time

- Tube Burners : heating tubes provide excellent power to keep up with busy restaurant orders

- Wire mesh fry baskets can be purchased separately. These are over and above the given price of 55000

-* Fryer basket costs @ Rs. 1200 each

-* Zinger Basket costs @ Rs. 1500 each

These allow you to cook multiple products simultaneously, while the coated handles ensure heat protection and operator's convenience and comfort.

- Stainless steel exterior, brilliant looks

- Stainless steel Fry tank, rust free

- Stand up to the day to day demands of your business

- Its capacity makes this unit a great choice for heavy-duty use in restaurants, concession stands, or pizzerias.

- It is easy to clean and looks nice/pleasant on eyes in the kitchen

- Drainage Valve : The drain valve ensures draining of used oil a quick and easy procedure

- Basket Hangers : The basket hangers allow you to hang your basket on the side of the tank to cool/drain excess oil and provide convenience to you to complete other tasks.


Order today for great discounted deal. QSM is top rated manufacturers of Fast Food machinery.

Feel free to contact us.

Thanks and Regards,

Yasir Alyana

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4 Tube Fryer

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